Miller Writing Center

I work with an incredibly dedicated team of undergraduate and graduate students. Together, we contribute to a larger understanding of writing and the role it plays in our every day lives. I am a writing consultant and a circle leader, meaning I help facilitate ideas fellow staff members have about diversity, writing center philosophy, and many other topics that are important in our training.

If you already know you want to make an appointment, go to our Writing Center page! You can see who is available, when we're open, and where on campus you can meet with us. 

Our team with Aubie after Fall 2016 Training!
My Philosophy:

I submit to a student-centered philosophy. That means that we will work on or talk about whatever you want. It also means we have an equal exchange of ideas - maybe you're brainstorming for a thesis topic and need someone to bounce ideas off of. I'm here to talk through any assignment. From putting together an outline to making sure your whole argument makes sense, that's my job! What I am not is an editing service - how bored I would be! But because I have experience in writing for science AND literature (woop woop!) I feel comfortable talking about both. Keep in mind, though, it's been a while since I've had to write a Freshman Comp paper!

I am not an all-knowing entity. I don't have all the grammatical rules of English memorized. I still need to look up the difference between using "toward" and "towards". *Side note: toward is the American English use and towards is the British English use.

Some of our staff collaborating on ideas to improve the Miller Writing Center

Consultant (Me)




I'm also a student myself - I'm working on a Master of Science in wildlife. I know how frustrating writing can be - I use the writing center for my own writing (a lot). While it seems bleak, you should know nobody's writing is perfect and I'm here to help you become a better writer!

If you have questions about grammar and different citation formats, just ask! However, I'll probably direct you to the MWC's resources page.

If you have questions about a specific format (e.g., MLA, APA, etc.), allow me to direct you to Purdue University's resource: Purdue Owl.

After the 2016-2017 Academic year, I was awarded one of the prestigious Millies!